Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The month of Pyatho

Myanmar Post planned to issue 12 stamps in the traditional Burmese month series in 2019.  One stamp will be issued in each and every month.  Traditional Burmese lunar calendar starts with Tagu (April).  But, to be completed the set in 2019, the first stamp for the month of Pyatho was issued on 6 Jan. 6 Jan is the 1st Waxing of Pyatho, first day of the month.

Wai Zin Paing designed the stamp series.   The stamps features the seasonal flower of the month and traditional festival held during that month.

The stamp for the month of Pyatho depict its seasonal flower Kwanyo [Clematis smilacifolia] and equestrian festival.  During the reign of Burmese kings, the strength of the royal armed forces were displayed with military parades in equestrian festival.  Indeed, this festival is closely related with military affairs and martial arts, because various kinds of competitions in horsemanship, sword fighting, lancing, bowman-ship and maneuvering with elephants are involved.  Indeed it is an occasion to select heroes for the defense of the country.   
Stamp design

Public announcement

Technical Details of Stamps
Date of Issue : 6 January 2019
Printer : Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process : Offset
Stamp Size and Format : 84 mm x 30 mm (Horizontal)
Color : 4
Perforation : 14
Denomination : K200
Sheet Composition :  30 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity : 150,000 pcs each design
Stamp Designers : Wai Zin Paing (MPS)


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Friday, January 4, 2019

Bahan Post Office

Bahan PO is located at No 69, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Shwegonedine junction, Bahan township.  It is grade 2 post office and its postal code is 11201.  Please click the link for the location on the map.  The nearest attractions are Nga Htat Gyi pagoda and Chauk Htat Gyi pagoda. 

Bahan PO
I managed to get the new set of postmarks which were introduced in Oct 2018.

MPS Philatelic Show at Yangon GPO

In conjunction with the celebration of 100th anniversary of Yangon GPO building, MPS organized the philatelic show at Yangon GPO on 23 Sept 2018.  MPS members participated and exhibited.  Myanmar Post authorized the commemorative cancellation for the event.  MPS produced the event cover, used 100th anniversary GPO stamp and cancelled with the event cancellation.

The certificate of appreciation was awarded to MPS and its exhibitors by Myanmar Post.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

71st Anniversary of Independence Day

Myanmar Post issued a set of three stamps for 71st anniversary of Independence Day.  As usual, three award winning entries from photo competition organized by the Ministry of Information are used as basic stamp designs.  Three designs includes Htamane making festival of the month Tabodwe, Myanmar traditional high-jump game and the nuns at the heritage monastery.

Technical Details of Stamps
Date of Issue : 4 January 2019
Printer : Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process : Offset
Stamp Size and Format : 42 mm x 30 mm (Horizontal)
Color : 4
Perforation : 14
Denomination : K100 three designs
Sheet Composition :  50 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity : 300,000 pcs each design
Stamp Designers : Htay Lwin (Amarapura) [Htamane making festival of the month Tabodwe], Kyi Myo Thet [Myanmar traditional high-jump game], Zaw Zaw Wai (Sinbyugyun) [The nuns at the heritage monastery]

The nuns at the heritage monastery
Myanmar traditional high-jump game
Htamane making festival of the month Tabodwe
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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Another unrecorded IRC

Fantails 30, 54 and 57 recorded several types of International Reply Coupons for Burma that have been seen lately for sale. Recently, yet another type has emerged; this in in the older format but for the higher amount of 62 pyas. It is stated to have been issued in March 1964.

The IRC shown above will be added to the recorded IRC as listed here.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

110th Anniversary of Yangon GPO Building

Myanmar Post issued single stamp to mark the 110th anniversary of Yangon GPO building.  The building was originally built by Scottish brothers James and George Bulloch in 1908. 

Myanmar Post invited interesting parties to submit the design concept for this commemoration through MPS.  Some members showed their interests and created an artworks.  Unfortunately, Myanmar Post just used simple portrait of Yangon GPO Building, due to late submissions.  Among the artworks, the concepts created by Wai Zin Paing are outstanding.  It featured the element of Yangon GPO building such as portico,  balusters and windows.   

Myanmar Post officials also satisfied with his design works.  So, they decided to use them in other ways.  Wai Zin's designs are used in first day cancellation, official first day cover, and four official postcards.  Wai Zin also helped Myanmar Post to design official stamp presentation folder, which was sold at 500K without the stamp.  Being the member of MPS, Wai Zin contributed to MPS first day cover.  As single designer contributed in many items, their designs shared the common features.      

Two controversial issues here is the stamp sheet preparation and missing country name.  The stamp do not show the country name in Burmese and English.  It just shows "100th anniversary of Yangon GPO building" in Burmese and "AD 1908-2018" in English.  Another issue is sheet preparation.  The Burmese wording touch the frame in some stamps, and some not.  It is obvious that it is not an registration shift of black, but the design inconsistency throughout the sheet.  Close observation tells that wording placement is same for the stamps in the same column.  It is concluded the wording for the whole column of 10 is copied and paste into five.

Myanmar Alin Newspaper (13 Sep 2018)

Technical Details of Stamps
Date of Issue : 20 September 2018
Printer : Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process : Offset
Stamp Size and Format : 42 mm x 30 mm (Horizontal)
Color : 4
Perforation : 14
Denomination :K200
Sheet Composition :  50 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity : 1,000,000 pcs
Stamp Designers : Myanmar Post
Cancellation Designer : Wai Zin Paing (MPS)

Stamps Myanmar FDC
Official FDC by Myanmar Post
FDC by Myanmar Philatelic Society

Stamp Folder (Front)

Stamp Folder (Inside)

Privately produced maxicard by Wai Zin Paing
Official Postcard 1 - GPO Building
Official Postcard 2 - Balusters of Yangon GPO
Official Postcard 3 - Windows of Yangon GPO
Official Postcard 4 - Portico of Yangon GPO

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Air letter carried by first flight LH657

The air letter displayed below was carried by the Lufthansa first flight LH657 in 1974.  DC10 jet airliner made its first flight starting at Tokyo, then Anchorage – Hamburg – finally to Frankfurt.  A few copies of Burma air letter sheets were carried onboard and pictorial cachet was applied.  All copies in my hand were philatelic and cancelled at Yangon GPO on 18 Mar 1974.