Tuesday, 18 February 2020

24-HOUR Delivery Service, 1993

In January 1993, the mails of Yangon addressed to Yangon area were struck with 24 Hour Delivery hand stamp.  But the hand stamp were also recorded on the mail from outside of Yangon. 

The example below was posted on 16 Aug 1993, from YANGON GPO to BOTATAUNG.  The cover was struck with “24 Hour Delivery” hand stamp in Burmese.  It was delivered in the morning of 17 Aug 1993, within 24 hour as promised.

There was no surcharge for faster delivery service.  It is the effort of Myanmar Post to make sure speedy delivery.  Another example below was sent on 19 Aug 1996, from YANGON GPO to AHLONE, it was also delivered in the morning of 20 Aug 1996, still in 24 hour time set.

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Second Time Delivery service in 1990

Starting from 19 Feb 1990, Yangon GPO delivered mails two times.  The mails arriving for evening delivery were stuck with the “Second Time Delivery” hand-stamp before going out for delivery.  The hand-stamp was in use until May 1992.

The following cover was posted on 5 Mar 1992, at YANGON GPO addressed to KANDAWGALAY. Mail was delivered in the evening of 5 Mar 1992, same day as posted.  Hand-stamped “Second Time Delivery” in Burmese was applied at Yangon GPO.

Even though there is such hand-stamp for evening delivery, there was no “Morning Delivery” or “First Time Delivery” hand-stamp or postal marking.  The mails were processed as usual. The following example was sent on 28 Feb 1992, from BUTHIDAUNG to LATHA ~ YANGON and it was delivered on 4 Mar 1992, from YANGON GPO 2PM.  Only one day difference from the cover displayed above. It is delivered without any additional marking assuming that mail was in first delivery.

Reference: Khin Tun (Yangon), "Rangoon 'Second Time Delivery' handstamp", The Burma Peacock, Vol 11, No 1, Page 10-11, Spring 1990.

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Large Registration Labels (1994-1996)

From Dec 1993, 10 cm x 10 cm sized registration label is started to use at Yangon GPO.  The labels are printed in black and white.  The registration fee for overseas mail is 9 Kyats at that time.    The GPO staff sell the registration labels at 1 Kyat each.  The following cover was sent on 22 Dec 1993, from YANGON GPO to ITALY.  Meterfranked 14.50 Kyats.  Original label is used and paid for it.  It is also the early usage of such label.  On the label, post office staff write down the total cost of posting.

Such label is used only at Yangon GPO, and are not used on inland registered mails.  To avoid 1 Kyat for registration label surcharge, some people used photocopies of labels.  The following cover shows the example of registered mail that used photocopied label.  It was sent on 22 Dec 1993, from YANGON GPO to SINGAPORE.  13 Kyats adhesives affixed on reverse.

Yangon GPO then introduced a violet hand stamp showing “G.P.O” in a box of 25 mm x 10 mm for validation.  On the cover shown below, which was sent on 11 Oct 199x, YANGON GPO to SINGAPORE.  Original Registration label is with violet hand stamp.

Some people soon reproduced the violet hand stamp and evaded the 1 Kyat surcharge yet again.  Hence, the labels were printed in blue as a precaution against photocopying.  The label used on the cover below is printed in blue.  The mail was sent on 23 Jun 1995, from YANGON GPO to U.S.A.  16.50 adhesive applied.

This label is supposed to use only on foreign mails. Following inland registered mail was sent on 12 Jul 1996, YANGON GPO to PANBEDAN.  The mailer apparently approached to Foreign Mail Department and send the inland letter. The sender’s address is written as 

U San Loon
Foreign Mail Department
Yangon GPO

Starting from 1996, the label purchase goes to the staffs of the post office.  On the reverse, 2 Kyats adhesive is affixed, where postage costs 0.50 Kyats and registration fee costs 1.50 Kyats.  Label fee 1.00 Kyat was paid in cash to PO staff.

Colored small registration labels were introduced on 1 Apr 1996.  Even though new labels were introduced, these large labels were still in used until 1999.  No usage example beyond 1999 was recorded.

Reference: Aung Myint, Khin Tun, T.A. Mickey, "Changing Registration Practices in Myanmar, ca. 1994-96", The Burma Peacock, Vol 17, No 3, Page 59-64, Fall 1996.

Monday, 20 January 2020

Different Posting Box Types used in Myanmar

When I travel around Myanmar, I visited post offices in cities, towns and villages.  I have seem different types of posting boxes used at different post offices.  Some post offices are still using posting boxes British colonial time.  This post is to list down different types of posting boxes and share with readers.  Enjoy!

Wall-fitted posting box

Wall fitted posting box.  (Chauk PO)
The posting box is embedded in the post office wall.

Wall fitted posting box (Yangon GPO)
Wall fitted posting box (Mandalay GPO)
Hanging Type
Cylindrical posting box (Poppa PO)
Rectangular box type 1 (Ngaphechaung PO)

Rectangular box type 2 (Heho PO)
Rectangular with semi-circular arch box (Yangon Air Port)

Cylindrical Type (NyaungShwe PO)
Rectangular Type (Bagan PO)
Rectangular with semi-circular arch type (Kamayut PO)
Rectangular Japanese type (Kamayut PO)

Friday, 17 January 2020

Unengraved meter stamp of Myanmar in 2001

The meter stamp used in 2001 at Yangon GPO has ungraved rectangle with the opening for value figure.  According to the international postage meter stamp catalogue, it was appeared to be Frama "EPS" (MV).

It has been recorded in the Meter Stamp Society's quarterly bulletin Vol 63, No 3, Autumn 2011 page 11.  The screenshot for that report is shown below.  The bulletin can be downloaded at the Meter Stamp Society website.

The whole cover with this meter stamp is shown below.  The foreign postage at the time is 30 Kyats for the letter up to 20 grams. On the envelope, there is the hand writing saying the total postage of 33. Not sure what is extra 3 Kyats for.   PSE has postage of 2 Kyats and the PSE was uprated with meterfrank of 31 Kyats, making up 33 Kyats.

Another such meter stamp was recorded in The Burma Fantail, the Journal of the Burma (Myanmar) Philatelic Study Circle, Vol 2, No 3, July 2005, page 31.  It is assumed that the die was removed or covered.  And claimed the die was repaired.  The screenshot of the report is shown below.


Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Certificate of Posting, Burma

A Certificate of Posting is your proof that you have posted the item declared on the postal network.  It has to be issued by post office with the charge.  In Myanmar, as far as I have learnt, you can get the certificate of posting only at the Yangon GPO.  One certificate can certify up to three unregistered letters or items. 

The current rate for issuing one certificate is 200 Kyats.  According to my records, the rates are as follows:

200 Kyats : 2017 May 25 to Present
100 Kyats: 2011 November 30 to 2017 May 24 
5 Kyats : 1997 December 1 to 2011 October 29
50 Pyas : 1991 March 1 & April 1 to 1997 November 30 
10 Pyas : 1976 May 1 to 1991 March/April

Some certificates I have collected in my collections are displayed for your viewing.

Issued on 14 Mar 1996
Issued on 25 Jun 1998
Issued on 26 Feb 2018 (200 Kyats rate, unstamped)
Issued on 10 Aug 2018

Thursday, 9 January 2020

72nd Anniversary of Independence Day

On 4th Jan 2020, Myanmar Post issued a set of three stamps for 72nd anniversary of Independence Day.   This year, the stamp designs are based on the photo greeting cards produced by the Ministry of Information.  The original greeting cards are distributed among the Government.  All the stamps featured the national races of Myanmar and Independence Monument.

Stamp Designs

Technical Details of Stamps

Date of Issue : 4 January 2020
Printer : Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process : Offset
Stamp Size and Format : 42 mm x 30 mm (Horizontal)
Color : 4
Perforation : 14
Denomination : K200 three designs
Sheet Composition :  50 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity : 300,000 pc per design
Stamp Designers : Zay Yar Lin

Design 1 (left) used same design of one stamp issued during 2016.   The independence monument seen in design 1 and 2 (left and middle) is the monument from the Mahabandoola park near the Sule pagoda.  The monument in the design 3 (right) is also known as the Pinlon Union munument, which is located at Pinlon.

Two simple commemorative postmarks were used  on the first day of issue.  One in Burmese and the other in English.  My personal view to this is unnecessary to have two different cancellation.  It will be better to include both languages in one chop (I know there was a proposal of such).

I witnessed the stamp sale on the first day at Yangon GPO.  All the empty FDC at Yangon GPO are sold out within first few hours.  One official empty FDC are sold at 200 Kyats to public.  MPS is selling its FDC at 200 Kyats to its members, and 300 Kyats to the public for fund raising purpose.  Joining MPS can save 100 Kyats for every FDC purchased.

First Day Covers

Official FDC by Myanmar Post
U Mya Thaung FDC
FDC by Hobby (Thein Tun Kyaw)
Maximum card