Wednesday, 6 September 2023

REST HAVEN Antituberculosis Fundraising Labels 1949-1957 

Rest Haven, Taunggyi, issued the anti-tuberculosis fundraising labels. These were printed by the Calcutta Printing Works in Rangoon using rough perf 12 in the 4x4 and 4x5 (only for the 1957 peacock) formats with wide margins. An inscription in the upper margin reads:

Rest Haven in Taunggyi is an institution devoted exclusively to the relief of tuberculosis. The money received from the sale of these seals will help to re-equip the sanatorium, and your use of these seals on your letters will help to advertise our work.

In 1949, 1954, and 1956, Rest Haven issued three distinct labels in green, purple, and red, respectively. The picture shows the Rest Haven building in Taunggyi.  In the 1957 edition of the Rest Haven label featuring the green peacock, the second line of the margin inscription reads: All proceeds from the sale of this seal will be used for food and medicine for free patients.

The Rest Haven labels can be seen sealed on the reverse of the above cover, it was sent from RANGOON to ENGLAND, on 17 Jan 1958.  

John Denune's site showcased these labels in full sheets format.  He noted that the red color label of 1956 has two variations of Orange Red and Dark Red.

Monday, 21 August 2023

TAIPEI 2023 39th International Stamp Exhibition

TAIPEI 2023 - The 39th Asian International Stamp Exhibition was organized by the collaborative efforts of Chunghwa Post Co., Ltd., the Chinese Taipei Philatelic Federation, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council. This prestigious event garnered patronage from FIAP and recognition from FIP.

Exhibition Logo

The exhibition was held at held from 11 to 15 Aug 2023 at Hall 1 Area A, World Trade Center. The exhibition displayed over 202 exhibits in around 1010 frames and 41 literatures.  Myanmar submitted two picture postcard (PPC) exhibits and one literature exhibit.

Commissioners' Photograph

U Thein Tun Kyaw's PPC exhibit, titled "The Nostalgia of Burma in British Colonial Time," earned a score of 76 points, awarding a Large Silver medal. U Toe Kyaw Kyar's exhibit, "People of Burma and Their Lifestyles," secured a remarkable 85 points, awarding a Large Vermeil medal.  In addition, the inaugural volume of the Journal and newsletter of the Myanmar Philatelic Society, "The Burma StaMPS Volume 1 (2022)" commanded attention with a score of 68 points, awarding Silver Bronze medal. These exhibits are set to grace the international stage once again at the forthcoming Thailand 2023 FIP World Stamp Championship Exhibition, scheduled for the end of November.

Notably, the Myanmar Philatelic Society donated a special prize—"Burmese Lacquerware Tray"—to the organizing committee. This esteemed award found its deserving recipient in an exhibitor from Australia.

Saturday, 5 August 2023

Burmese Chess Pieces on Vietnam Stamp

A previously undiscovered Vietnamese stamp featuring a Burmese chess piece has come to light. Back in 1983, Vietnam released a fascinating set of stamps showcasing chess pieces from around the world. The collection included seven stamps and one miniature sheet. These stamps were printed on watermark paper with a perforation of 12¾ and were issued on May 9th.  The stamp size is 31 x 46 mm and printed using offset printing method.  Total of 396,000 sets were issued.

Vietnam Stamp with Sit-ke piece

Among these stamps was one particularly captivating piece with a denomination of 30xu. It proudly displayed the sit-ke (general) and ya-hta (chariots) chess pieces from Burmese traditional chess, which bears a striking resemblance to the queen and rock in international chess receptively. The history of Burmese traditional chess dates back to AD 8, and it has its unique rules and playing style. The game is deeply rooted in the four warfare elements that were crucial to the ancient Burmese kings. These military elements consist of the Elephant division, Cavalry division, Chariot division, and Infantry division.

Miniature Sheet alongside with other chess stamps

It is fascinating to see how the stamp highlights a piece from this ancient and captivating chess tradition. The image of the stamp featuring the sit-ke and ya-hta chess pieces alongside the actual Burmese chess piece can be observed below. Additionally, the other stamps that depict various Burmese chess pieces have been meticulously documented in this post. This discovery captivates philatelists and chess enthusiasts, unveiling Vietnam's stamp history and the cultural heritage of Burmese traditional chess.

Monday, 31 July 2023

Postcard issued by Myanmar Comedian's Association

On 7 July 2023, Myanmar Post's post offices began selling a fund raising postcard, although it should be noted that this postcard is not an official Myanmar Post product. Instead, it was issued by the Myanmar Comedian's Association for a fundraising initiative. The postcard features images of renowned comedians from the past, along with a delightful poem. This postcard is printed on light gsm art card.

Postcard Design

Myanmar Post did not release any commemorative postmark to accompany this special postcard. However, collectors who were eager to acquire this piece resorted to using the pictorial Yangon GPO postmark to cancel.

This unique collaboration between Myanmar Post and the Myanmar Comedian's Association has garnered significant interest among collectors and supporters.

Sunday, 2 July 2023

Postal Museum Japan

Recently, on June 2, 2023, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Postal Museum Japan. Situated on Level 9 of Tokyo Skytree Town, the museum showcases a fascinating collection of artifacts dedicated to postal services and communication. Among its impressive exhibits are an astounding 350,000 stamps representing various countries from around the world. During my visit, I captured some captivating photos, which I am excited to share with the readers of this blog.

Thursday, 29 June 2023

"STAMP LOVER" solo exhibition by U Sit Aung

MPS Vice President U Sit Aung organized a captivating solo stamp exhibition called "STAMP LOVER" at the Artist Gallery CafĂ© in Yangon. The exhibition took place from June 26th to 28th 2023 at No. 99, Lamai Condo, Myaynu Road, Sanchang Township. The exhibition was open for visitors between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm.  The event showcased a diverse collection of Burma and International stamps, along with other philatelic items. Enthusiasts and individuals interested in stamps had the opportunity to attend the exhibition and explore these captivating artifacts. The event received support from both attendees and MPS team members, contributing to its success. 

Friday, 23 June 2023

Myanmar Endemic Bird Species Series

Between 2022 and 2023, Myanmar Post issued a stamp series showcasing endemic bird species native to Myanmar. This collection comprises a total of nine beautifully designed stamps. 

Each stamp presents the bird's name in Burmese, its corresponding English name, scientific name, and the date of issue. Below are the details for each stamp in the series:

Since the series was issued as a cohesive collection, the technical information remains consistent across all stamps. Here are the identical technical details that apply to the entire series:

Technical Details of Stamps

Printer : Security Printing Works (Myanmar)
Printing Process : Offset
Stamp Size and Format : 42 mm x 30 mm (Horizontal)
Color : 4
Perforation : 14
Denomination : K200
Sheet Composition :  50 Stamps per Sheet
Quantity : 200,000 pc per design
Stamp Designer : Ahmonoo
Subject Matter Consultants : Dalaban, Dr Thein Aung (Ornithologist), Dr Kyaw Myint Maung (Philatelist), Dr Thiri Dae We Aung (Ornithologist)
Design Consultants :  Kyaw Myo Naing, Academy Zin Yaw MgMg (Film), Thiha Lwin (TMH)
Stamp Photo : Wild Wings Group

Myanmar Post has sold official first day covers and stamp information cards that provide comprehensive details about each stamp and the featured bird. These items are available for purchase at a price of 200 Kyats per unit. Additionally, the Myanmar Philatelic Society has issued a limited edition folder exclusively for its members, which serves as a special collectible item and is distributed free of charge.  Some examples of collectable items related to this series are shown below.

FDC by U Sein Min

FDC by U Chan Myae Aung

Maxicards by U Sit Aung