Wednesday, 6 September 2023

REST HAVEN Antituberculosis Fundraising Labels 1949-1957 

Rest Haven, Taunggyi, issued the anti-tuberculosis fundraising labels. These were printed by the Calcutta Printing Works in Rangoon using rough perf 12 in the 4x4 and 4x5 (only for the 1957 peacock) formats with wide margins. An inscription in the upper margin reads:

Rest Haven in Taunggyi is an institution devoted exclusively to the relief of tuberculosis. The money received from the sale of these seals will help to re-equip the sanatorium, and your use of these seals on your letters will help to advertise our work.

In 1949, 1954, and 1956, Rest Haven issued three distinct labels in green, purple, and red, respectively. The picture shows the Rest Haven building in Taunggyi.  In the 1957 edition of the Rest Haven label featuring the green peacock, the second line of the margin inscription reads: All proceeds from the sale of this seal will be used for food and medicine for free patients.

The Rest Haven labels can be seen sealed on the reverse of the above cover, it was sent from RANGOON to ENGLAND, on 17 Jan 1958.  

John Denune's site showcased these labels in full sheets format.  He noted that the red color label of 1956 has two variations of Orange Red and Dark Red.

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