Wednesday, 3 May 2023

1931 Air Orient Aircraft crashed at Sandoway, Burma

Air Orient's Fokker plane V.VIIB PH-AEO, a three-engine aircraft, was en route from Saigon to Paris with Claude Beauregard and Ange Bourgeois as pilots, accompanied by Pierre Patard (Engineer) and Olivier Leroux (Radio Navigator). The journey started from Saigon on 5 Jun, included a scheduled overnight stop in Bangkok (5 Jun), Rangoon (6 Jun) before continuing towards Akyab. However, on June 7, tragedy struck as the plane went out of control and crashed into the Sandoway River due to a storm, resulting in the loss of the entire crew. The aircraft sustained irreversible damage and was beyond repair. 

Registered from Nam-Dinh, to Paris

Registered from Moncay

Despite this, the mail was fortunately recovered a few days later and sent to Paris, arrived on 2 Jul, where it received a black stamp bearing the inscription "COURRIER ACCIDENTE LE 7 JUNE 1931."

Crash cachet applied in France

Reference: John Garner, "A Burma Crash Cover", The Burma Fantail, Vol. 13, No. 1, Whole Number 47, pp. 11-12, January 2016.

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