Monday, 8 May 2023

KLM Super Constellation Triton crash at Shannon in 1954

Super Constellation Triton, registered as PH-LKY, operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, was en route from Amsterdam to New York, carrying 46 passengers and a crew of 10. As planned, the aircraft made a refueling stop at Shannon, Ireland on flight number 633, and took off at 02:30, on September 5, 1954. However, just 35-40 seconds after takeoff, the Triton crashed on the mud flats in the Shannon River, approximately 2500m from the end of the runway. Tragically, 25 passengers and 3 crew members lost their lives in the crash.

The plane also carried mail from Burma, which was recovered after the crash and marked with a cachet reading "SALVAGED FROM K.L.M. CRASH AT SHANNON." These cachets are available in two colors: black and violet.


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